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The 10 Best Facebook Ad Campaigns that Killed It in 2017

New year, new us!

Psych—we’re still talking about Facebook ads. You’re gonna have to pry Facebook ad topics out of our cold, dead hands! Besides, this year we’ll be getting even more serious about our own FB ads thanks to our newest full-time marketing kween—a real beast when it comes to Facebook ads. Whaddup Gloria!

But enough about us. Let’s take a look at the brands with killer Facebook ad campaigns this year. Today’s Read also includes each campaign’s goals, implementations, results, and tips and takeaways for the ultimate learning experience.

Worldwide Breast Cancer, a global charity focused on early detection of breast cancer, decided to make lemonade out of lemons with its #KnowYourLemons campaign. The microsite also provided a quiz for women to check if they’re at risk.

  • Result: By February, the campaign has reached 7.3 million people in just three Facebook posts alone.
  • Takeaways: Including a memorable catchphrase or hashtag can make performance tracking a little easier. The lemons bearing 12 different symptoms as a reminder for what women should check added a bit of humor to help women overcome a fear of checking while keeping within censorship rules., knowing that organic competition was tough with all the high-quality content available, focused their efforts on distribution. They used layered targeting and a retargeting pixel for those who have read blog posts to then get them on board with a more profitable offer.

  • Result: Chris Von Wilpert took Sumo from $5 million to $10 million just with paid advertising efforts.
  • Takeaways: If you’re in an oversaturated market or you know most of your competitors are using a particular tactic, you might have more success if you channel your efforts in another direction. Also, make sure you present higher threat offers to those who had already shown interest rather than to a cold audience.

Birchbox tested videos meant for mobile vs. repurposing TV commercials to see what would perform better. They showed close-ups and demonstrated the product, used recognizable (and well-liked) beauty products, and opened the videos with attention-grabbing intros and music.

  • Results: Mobile videos outperformed other content, increasing mobile conversion by 35% with 70% of website traffic coming from mobile. This led to Birchbox creating their own in-house production studio.
  • Takeaways: Birchbox looked at insights from other campaigns where they repurposed content to get an idea of what to test moving forward, saving time and money. They also capitalized on the mobile video trend and created shorter videos for higher view rats.

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