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The 2018 Facebook Advertising Playbook

Interesting tidbit for you: People only read 20% of web content, but they look at every single picture. That means the design of your Facebook ads can make or break a campaign. If you choose a bad image, video, or format, you might sink your campaign before it ever has a chance to soar.

At this point, you’re probably like, “K…so how do I know what designs and formats work?” That’s when you lean on current trends to see what’s working for other people. Which is why AdEspresso put together a super handy guide to current Facebook ad trends. We’ve got the important deets right here:

  • Incorporate minimalist design. In the busy world of Facebook’s News Feed, simple, well-designed images will stand out and catch your audience’s attention.
  • Let geekiness shine through. If your audience loves numbers and data (who doesn’t?), graphs and data will really catch their attention.
  • Make ads that reflect gender equality. 51% of women and 45% of men say they prefer to shop from a brand that promotes gender equality. Dollar Shave Club’s gender equality ads are a great example.
  • Slideshow. When it comes to ad formats, the Slideshow is king now. These are different from Carousel ads. They’re a cross between video and Carousel ads. Blue Apron is doing these really well right now.
  • Video. You already knew about this one, but you might not have thought of using minimalist design in your videos. This combination is killing it for the brand Dolls Kill.
  • Showcase customer reviews. Moving on to copy trends that work well, customer reviews and social proof are amazing ways to catch attention. Use a customer review as the text of your ad.
  • Keep your copy short and sweet. Not down with customer reviews? No worries. Try the trend of keeping your copy super short and succinct.

Plenty of trends still to check out →


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