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The 2022 Instagram Engagement Report

Mention & Hubspot’s Instagram Engagement Report is back! Optimize your Instagram marketing in 2022 thanks to hundreds of data points, trends, and insights collected from analyzing 110+ million Instagram posts.

While the report data is based on global Instagram users, it also goes in-depth on regional trends in North America, the UK, and Ireland.

Here are some of the report’s highlights:

  • Travel and nature content, from accounts like @natgeo, @nasa, and @voyagers, became hugely popular on Instagram this year – no doubt due to travel restrictions causing serious nostalgia for far-away lands
  • Instagram followings grew as a whole: 65% of Instagram accounts now have over 1k followers, with 34.7% between 1k and 10k
  • Globally, users prefer video and carousel posts, which are far more engaging than single images
  • Long captions (over 2,000 characters) perform just as well as short ones
  • Activity is popping in New York City — posts geotagged here have plummeted, both in terms of volume and engagement

Get your copy of the report while it’s hot over at Hubspot to get all of these insights and more.



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