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The 3 ingredients to a successful push notification strategy

Doorbells are the original push notifications. Residents of a home are immediately alerted when someone is at the door, and the guest can easily communicate their presence to whoever is inside without hurting their knuckles. Before doorbells, it was truly a hard-knock life.

Whether it’s a pizza delivery or the neighborhood kids ding-dong ditching, there’s sometimes an expectation of who is at the door when the doorbell rings. But no matter who it is, their goal is for you to open the door. In this sense, ringing a doorbell is similar to sending a push notification. With the right notification, users of your app will gladly click through to your app. To help you out, Appcues is sharing 3 ingredients to a successful push notification strategy.

  1. Personalize works. If your app lives on someone’s phone, you don’t want to sour their experience with endless meaningless ads. Utilize the profile data your users have provided to tailor push notification messages to them. In addition, behavioral data regarding how they typically interact with the app will allow you to see what actions they will likely take again. Use both profile data and behavioral data in tandem to your advantage. They give you the insights you need to personalize notifications to the individual user.
  2. Align push notifications with your in-app messaging strategy. Make the user experience seamless. Whatever push notification you send, make sure the message corresponds to the in-app destination. If your push notification suggests it will take the user to a package-tracking page, then don’t send them to the home screen.
  3. Lead users to in-app value. Your users are going to ignore your push notifications if your app isn’t easy to use. Why should they bother? User experience is more important than ever, and consumers have tons of choices to accomplish their needs. If your user knows your app is user-friendly, then they’ll be more likely to follow a push notification into the app.

Check out some great examples of push notifications in the full article.


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