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The 7 Best Ways to Grow Your Instagram Audience in 2021

Growth is the goal for many of us in some way or another. We go to school, move up in careers, start families, and many other things that aren’t easy. When all is said and done, we’re better than we were before. So don’t despair when you’ve hit the bottom of another Ben & Jerry’s pint during your weekend-long binge of The Crown. At the end of the day, you come out on top with all the growth you’ve achieved. Plus, it’s not like the weather was nice outside that weekend anyway. Then again, your blinds were down the whole time…

Growth is important on social as well. Millions of thumbs skate across Instagram feeds every day, and it’s all about getting them to land on your content. Here are Jeff Bullas’ 7 best ways to grow your Instagram audience in 2021.

  • Use an Instagram growth service. We’re not talking about buying a bunch of bots to increase your follower count. This isn’t about buying followers at all. A quality growth service will target your ideal audience and like their content in order to prompt them to check out your page. This can seriously boost your existing growth efforts.
  • Plan and schedule content. You want to reach your followers with fresh content when they’re active. Instagram insights can show you during which times your audience will likely be active. Use this knowledge to schedule your posts for these ideal times and tweak the times as needed. Scheduling is easy in Creator Studio, but a dedicated calendar and scheduling tool will better help you stay on top of your posts.
  • Optimize your profile. Your profile is where followers can learn more about you and your business and follow through on your CTAs. Tell people what they need to know about you with the 150 character allotment in your bio. Use a tool like Linktree to increase the number of links you can showcase, and create highlights so people can easily navigate to the content they’re looking to find.

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