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The 8 Most Important SEO Metrics to Track

We love SEO and all the data it provides. Need to make more informed marketing decisions? Just look at your site’s analytics. There’s a treasure trove of information that we can count on for continuous improvement.

DigitalMarketer is here to tell us the 8 most important SEO Metrics we should all be tracking.

  1. Organic Traffic. This one is obvious. Your organic traffic metric gives an overview of how well you’re ranking. What’s working and what’s not working. Knowing whether or not the time spent on SEO is worth it, hinges on knowing your organic traffic metrics.
  2. Don’t underestimate the surge of voice search. can give you SEO analysis, competitive website analysis, keyword research information, and more.
  3. Backlinks to Your Site vs. Competitors. If your content is superb, then you’ll notice lots of free backlinks coming your way. Use this as an indicator of how well your content stands. Check out your competitors’ backlinks and gauge what they’re doing well, so you can amp up your game.
  4. Page Speed is, understandably, a large factor in bounce rate. The rule of thumb for page load speed is under two seconds. Not everyone will wait patiently. Don’t let slow page speeds increase your bounce rate. 
  5. Drive traffic from your social media channels to your website. If you’re not getting much traffic from social media, then it’s time to revisit your strategy. Figure out what works best, and do more of it.
  6. Organic Conversions gives you insight into how well your website converts visitors into email subscribers, motivating them to opt-in for a lead magnet, or buying a tripwire offer. If you have 100,000 monthly website visitors and 10% become subscribers or customers, then you’re doing a terrific job.

Two more tips left – read on, friends!


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