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The Anatomy of a Web Page: Elements to Know

When it comes to digital projects, you have to know your way around the lingo. That way you can make sure you are giving design feedback effectively, you know what to include on a page, and you’ll sound smart 🤓.

Today we are breaking down some funky web page terms that marketers, designers, developers, and everyone in between might not be aware of:

  1. Slider: Sliders are interactive elements that can have automatic or manual slideshows, galleries, or carousels of content or products.
  2. Cards: Cards, or tiles, are elements that help arrange data or content in a scannable and easy-to-read way. They’re different from sliders because you want equal parts of information to have focus, not a scrollable variety.
  3. Megamenu: This isn’t your momma’s menu. It’s an expandable menu with a big list of multiple choices presented in a two-dimensional dropdown layout.
  4. Progress indicator: This is a small but helpful element that helps the visitor to understand the current point in the general volume of a page.
  5. Search: You have to know this one. But what you don’t know is most sites don’t need a search bar unless they have 50+ pages. If you only have a couple dozen pages and think you need a search option, you may just need to organize your content wisely.

The Tubik blog has the whole rest of the list waiting for you! The full post is loaded with design examples of each element.


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