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The Appocalypse

When you have the loot like Apple does, you’re known to make a stellar ad. Or, rather, you better. For the sake of positivity, here are some of the best, going all the way back to the O.G. iPhone commercial and the birth of the App Store.

Fast forward 9 years. What happens when there… ::dun dun dun:: isn’t an app for that? Scrambling to find your brick-of-an-iPod from 2001. Oh my god, why is it so heavy?! Losing your 200-day Snapchat streak with your #1. Oh god, it’s almost too much to bear

If you’re thinking we’re being dramatic, wait ‘til you check out today’s Watch – an incredibly produced ad in which Apple imagines a world where apps are no longer. It’s like watching a short, slapstick film, so it gave us quite the chuckle, but also reminds us to never stop creating.

Shout out to all the developers out there – this one’s for you. “Keep making apps… The world is depending on you.”


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