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The Art of The Re-engagement Email

If a re-engagement campaign isn’t part of your email strategy, it might be time to implement one. It’s more expensive to acquire new customers than to retain current ones. Here’s how to do it:

Who’s not clicking? Keep an eye on your ESP metrics over 10-, 15-, and 30-day increments. Build a segment of your subscribers who have recently begun to click less frequently.

Email 1: Start the conversation by sharing your latest blog posts, product updates, and other relevant information.

Email 2: A message like “We noticed you might not be interested anymore…” can get the attention of lapsing subscribers.

Final Email: Provide an incentive to convince subscribers to engage, like a discount or a free demo/preview. The tone should be consistent with your standard communications, whether transactional or more relationship-based.

What’s next? Determine an appropriate interval for pruning subscribers that never re-engage to keep your list active and healthy. You can consider moving lapsed subscribers to a cheaper email broadcast platform, too.

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