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The Beautiful Future of Retail

Beautiful future? That’s something we haven’t heard about retail in awhile. Healey Cypher, the founder and CEO of Oak Labs, is changing how we think about the retail experience. If you don’t know about Oak, today’s Listen will get you hip to it. 

Created out of necessity to change the human experience while shopping, Oak partners with retailers to embed tech into stores and bring the best of online into the real world. Forget the robots, this is about something far more enchanting – magic mirrors. Come again? MAGIC MIRRORS. But, this ain’t no fairytale, this is reality. “

Picture it: the fitting room mirror comes alive to show you more colors and sizes available in the garment you have with you. You can request new items via the mirror’s interactive touch screen and a salesperson will bring you the garment you want. Because, as it is now, 47% of customer’s don’t bother to ask for help if something they like isn’t out on the floor. Oak’s mirrors aim to offer better service, better personalization, and a better experience.

Here are some more mirror morsels you’ll get out of this fascinating interview:

  • The mirror is currently in 17 cities
  • 85 out of 100 people are using it meaningfully – meaning they interact with the touch screen and request new garments
  • 59-72% of customers spend more money via the mirror
  • 40% of visitors are spending less time in the fitting room thanks to the mirror

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