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The Complete Guide to Facebook Groups

Facebook’s organic reach for company pages is terrible right now. You’re lucky if just 5% of your followers see your updates. Fortunately, Facebook Groups don’t have this same problem. That means it’s time for your company to jump on the Facebook Groups train.

Once you’ve started your Group, you’ll want to build an engaged community. Building an engaged community will help strengthen your community members’ relationship with your brand.

Here are some of the cool things you can do with Facebook Groups:

  • Host group chats. This is one of the best features of Groups. You can host group chats where members can ask questions and get answers. We suggest having different team members join the chat when you do this.
  • Encourage community members to ask and answer questions.
  • Learn days and times when community members are active. This is an insight you don’t get with company pages and it’s super helpful.

We’ve been looking for a killer article on Facebook Groups for a while, and today’s Read is it.

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