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The Exact Content You Need to Achieve 6 of Your Biggest Marketing Goals

Who run the (marketing) world? Content! Hm… doesn’t really have the same ring to it as Bey’s Run the World jam.

But, alas, content creation is so prevalent in the lives of marketers that it feels like it’s running the show most of the time. So, when marketers are tasked with “creating content” for their business, it can be overwhelming instead of, “Oh, this is an easy strategy.”

Today’s Read makes it much less daunting, stripping down this “all-encompassing” marketing term to detail 6 different marketing goals alongside the type of content you need to achieve them.

Here are a few to kick things off:

  • Goal: “We need more sales qualified leads.”
    The Solution: Educational contentMost notably, businesses have seen a lot of success creating informational blog posts and eBooks as a way to address and alleviate consumer pain points. Moz does a killer job at selling SEO products while also offering a variety of resources to teach potential customers why search ranking are so valuable.
  • Goal: “We need to keep visitors on the site longer.”
    The Solution: Free tools & interactive contentBy serving up content that encourages exploration and engagement, it becomes easier to move visitors closer to a conversion. Pair that participatory element with a piece of content that provides a solution to a pain point and you have an opportunity to create a super memorable experience.
  • Goal: “We need to prove our capabilities.”
    The Solution: Case Studies

    Case studies provide researching prospects with the evidence they need to pin your business as a credible one; one worth doing business with. Be specific with them, shine a light on them, and explore different formats like Podcasts, infographics, and SlideShares.

Still more ways to achieve your goals ahead!  


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