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The Experts Guide To Facebook Advertising

You’ve heard of Buffer, right? But, do you know why you’ve heard of them? Do you remember where you first heard about them? There’s a pretty good chance that it was on Facebook because their Facebook ad game is on-point.

Buffer’s approach to Facebook ads is more than just brand awareness. They take their whole marketing funnel and use Facebook to push people down it. They run ads for all 3 stages of marketing – awareness, consideration, and decision. That’s something a lot of people don’t do.

We’ll let the experts at Buffer handle it from here…

  • (2:32) Awareness Stage. This is the “content boosting phase.” Take your top performing content and put $50 – $100 behind it. Buffer has seen some of their posts reach 750,000 people by just putting $100 behind it. That is such a great way to build brand awareness.
  • (4:20) Pro-tip: Instead of using the “Boost post” button, use Ads Manager to create a custom audience. From there use the “Use existing post” option to boost that high performing organic post. This gives you a higher level of control and (ideally) a lower CPM.
  • (5:09) The main point of the Awareness Stage is just to make a new audience aware of your brand.
  • (6:18) Consideration Stage. Once people familiar with your product, it’s time to get down with retargeting.
  • (7:21) Custom Lookalike audiences (one of our fav tactics) are built for the Consideration Stage.
  • (10:38) A real example of Buffer’s ad flow that pushes people down their funnel.
  • (11:56) The $$$ stage (aka the Conversion Stage). Success here comes down to the quality of your audience, your ads, and your ability to track results.

We <3 you, Buffer.

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