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The Facebook Boycott: What Small Businesses Need to Know About #StopHateForProfit

There are many questions popping up lately in our Facebook group about #stophateforprofit. In case you aren’t familiar, this campaign began mid-June by Color of Change in partnership with the NAACP, ADL, Sleeping Giants, Free Press, and Common Sense Media.

So far over 100 advertisers joined the call to halt ad spend during July. Color of Change shared its hope that “losing ad revenue for one month may cause Facebook to reconsider how it has ignored the demands of Black users and civil rights organizations.”

With WordStream’s help, we’re getting a better understanding of #stophateforprofit and the various ways we can take action.

Determine how to participate in the #StopHateForProfit

When deciding if your business can participate, WordStream recommends asking yourself the following 2 questions…

  • Can your business afford the potential loss in lead/customer generation?
  • How does pausing spend for a month impact your ability to ramp back up?
More so, don’t forget about your audience. One of the best things you can do right now is to listen to your fans. Whether you’re a big business or a local shop, do this by monitoring comments within paid and organic social channels.  
Let’s cover the alternatives to Facebook Ads if you can halt your spending.
  • Reallocate your budget toward Google Display ads.
  • Consider putting your advertising dollars into local news ads.
  • Run video content through Youtube advertising.
  • Donate to programs that support black empowerment and antiracist initiatives.
  • Reinvest into a fund for matching employee donations to antiracist organizations.

Now, what if you can’t afford to pause your Facebook ads.

  • Pause your ads for a short, select amount of time rather than for the whole month.
  • Donate a percentage of profits from Facebook ads to a civil rights organization.
  • Collaborate with a niche influencer

We know y’all have been trying to figure out what to do. Hopefully, this article by Wordstream will help you!


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