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The Fate of the News Feed, Instagram’s Exciting New Feature, Paying For Followers, & More

Need your weekly dose of top social media news? Hope so, ‘cause that what we’re serving up this morning via Buffer’s Science of Social Media. Last week, several huge updates were made in the social media realm and today’s podcast unpacks what they mean for marketers and how they’ll affect the future of its platforms. 

There’s a lot of crucial news uncovered in this quick 12-minute listen, so press play to stay on top of your game. 

  • (01:15) Facebook announces their Q4 earnings – Zuckerberg hints that the news feed days might be numbered…
  • (01:40) To quote Zuck, “We expect stories are on track to overtake posts in the feed as the most common way people share across all apps”
  • (02:55) Also revealed that users spending 50 million fewer hours a day on the platform.  
  • (04:20) Instagram now allows businesses to schedule their posts
  • (05:05) Businesses are being given a lot more opportunity on the platform
  • (05:35) Right now, the Instagram API beta is super limited – those testing the new feature say their reach isn’t as good as before
  • (06:10) When is Buffer going to offer this feature?
  • (07:00) An article in the NYT called “The Follower Factory” pulls back the curtain on what is a massive industry of fake followers and bought accounts
  • (07:50) Facebook disclosed that it has twice as many fake followers than the previous year
  • (08:10) How this affects social proof and social currency
  • (09:15) What this means for influencer marketing –  Beware, an influencer’s followers might very well be fake, but they get paid based on the # of followers they have…
  • (09:20) How social media platforms will be cracking down on this issue
  • (09:45) The genius of Twitter’s latest photo update
  • (10:30) Twitter powering up its predictive analysis
  • (10:45) How to make the most of LinkedIn’s website demographics

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