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The GA4 Event Types

In Universal Analytics, interactions were tracked simply as “hits.” Now, in GA4, any engagement with your site or app is referred to as an “event.” Let’s break down event types.

  • Automatically collected events are gathered automatically without additional configuration upon setup. You don’t need to turn them on, set them up, or customize them. These include session_start event, first_visit event, and user_engagement event.
  • Enhanced measurement events are captured when you enable enhanced measurement upon setup. These include page views, scrolls to the bottom of a page, outbound link clicks, site searches, engagement with embedded videos, file downloads, and form interactions.
  • Recommended events are implemented with predefined names and parameters. Google recommends a set of events based on your business vertical.
  • Custom events can be implemented when no other pre-existing event suits your measurement needs. You will need to create custom reports or explorations to analyze these events.

Check out the GA4 Glossary at Segmentify to get up to speed on GA4 terms.


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