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The Hybrid Workplace Report 2021

You’ve heard it once, you’ve heard it 100 times, and we’re gonna say it again. Covid has drastically changed the workplace. But now that that “new normal” is coming, how are companies going to shift?

We are all too familiar with Zoom Fatigue and remote work burnout. We’re human! We need human connection, and the old tools aren’t cutting it. That’s when hybrid workplaces come into play. It’s not just a Covid stop-gap, hybrid workplaces are going to be the new standard to get the best of both worlds.

Now, we know that transitioning to a hybrid workplace can have some growing pains and challenges.

The top 5 challenges of transitioning to a hybrid workplace:

  1. You’re in danger of losing the talent wars
  2. Traditional corporate culture has been upended
  3. Getting inclusion & belonging right matters more than ever
  4. “Return to normal” at your peril
  5. Your current toolset fails the hybrid workforce test

Luckily, you can set yourself up for thoughtful remote work with the right tools and culture. If you don’t have this as part of your company already, here’s how to set up a winning hybrid experience:

  • Build a new digital culture space
  • Build the new inclusion
  • Build new habits of micro-connections

An easy place to start is with more personal communication. Replace long zoom calls, foster inclusion, and provide space for diverse voices to share their perspective. Using tools like Voodle, you can use brief video messaging for async communication. More people on your team are seen and heard, without sacrificing flexible work options. Change how your team meets, connects, and collaborates in the hybrid workplace.

See Voodle’s full report on more stats on digital communication and how to build trust in your hybrid workplace.


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