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The Importance of Organizing Your Data Across Multiple Platforms

People may think that marketing is “easier” than ever because there is more tracking…we all know that is a big fat bowl of myths. If anything, tracking can just make things more complicated. 

So how do you whip your tracking into shape? 

Make It Make Sense

Gone are the days of trusting a single platform for direction. Pulling stats from individual platforms can feel like swimming in data soup. Save yourself from the doggy paddling and have a single source of truth that lays out all of your data from all of your channels. 

First thing’s first, you have to decide what’s important to you and your brand. What’s your data story? As a brand, ask yourself what you want from your campaigns. Everyone has their own definition of success so having a single view of data that shows your wins is really what matters rather than every possible metric on hand. 

Make Data for Everyone

Once you can get to that sweet, single source of truth, and you’re measuring the right things, you have to report the right things. 

Every department is going to have different priorities when it comes to data. Sharing reports across other departments can mean flexibility at your fingertips. If you’re pulling hundreds of metrics from dozens of platforms, it is not an efficient system.

Now What?

Trust your data to guide you in your next direction. You may just feel like you have a crystal ball in the long run by seeing what channels are doing to each other and independently. Learn more about what steps you can take towards measuring the right things with NinjaCat’s playbook.


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