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The Key Differences of Landing Pages vs Websites

We’re not joking when we say we want to make sure you’re the sharpest marketer in the room when you read The Daily Carnage. So today we’re going to help you out with a little game of “Spot the Difference” between landing pages and websites.

Let’s Start with the Basics:

A website is a visitor’s chance to get to know the details of your brand, making it general to brand awareness and for building trust.

Landing pages are stand-alone web pages used in a way that is specific to a stage of the customer journey.

So while you could say a landing page is just a type of web page, it serves a bigger purpose in function than your average site.

Types of Landing Pages:

  • Squeeze Pages – These are used purely for email opt-in collection using an incentive.
  • Splash Pages – A splash page is an introductory screen a user sees when visiting a website with campaign-specific information or offers.
  • Lead Capture Pages – Similar to a squeeze page, these guys are straightforward about collecting more information after interest has been shown from a user.
  • Long-Form Pages – These are landing pages that are created with more specific product information to convince a sale.
  • Click-Through Pages – Instead of having a form listed first, a user clicks a CTA to move on to a click-through page that would request information.
  • Thank-You Landing Pages – After a user has made a purchase or action, give them a subscription option.
  • Coming-Soon Pages – Grab contacts before a launch so you can announce it to a primed audience.

So now you’ll never mislabel a landing page. Check out the full article by PageFly for some stellar landing page tips. PageFly is a Shopify product and they focus a lot on eCommerce marketing, but it still applies to anyone in the game of capturing leads.


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