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The Legend Continues with Nas

If we ruled the world, Nas’s Illmatic would be required listening for all high school students. For everyone, really. It’s one of the most vital pieces of hip-hop history, and some us still bump it to this day. You could say we have real love for Nas at the tDC. 

Not only is Nas headlining Advertising Week’s Opening Gala this week, but he stars in Timberland’s latest ad — a visual masterpiece that’s more about jazz than hip-hop. The footwear brand does an amazing job at creating a stunning animated ad, alive with swirls of color and Nas’ own story. 

Honestly, it barely has anything to do with shoes (though the brand’s iconic boot is present throughout), Nas doesn’t even mention the brand until the last second. But the ad keeps you hooked with its story told through beautiful visual effects. 

That’s probably what we like most about this one — it’s not directly tied to shoes, it’s more about a story. 

And it sticks with you. Like your favorite Nas verse. Like those ever-recognizable Timberland boots. 


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