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The Most Boring Ad Ever Created

…so boring that we couldn’t even use a screenshot from it for the image of this section.

Want to know how to create the most boring ad in the history of advertising? Take notes from Big Tobacco. They’ve managed to pull it off in their latest court-ordered ad.

Obviously, the boys at Big T weren’t too happy that they were forced to create these ads so they dragged their feet—for 11 years! Yeah, that’s right. In 2006, they were ordered by the U.S. District Court to create ads about the dangers of cigarettes, and they only just got around to it.

We’re almost impressed with how boring these ads are. And that’s obviously by design. They’re so boring that you’ll probably never pay attention to them if you see them out in the real world. Just look at the boringness of the print version of these ads.

It’s truly a great lesson in how not to create an ad. If you want to create something that catches people’s eyes, do the exact opposite of this:


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