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The Most Emotionally Engaging Ad of 2017

Just when we thought we were done with the “Best of 2017” lists, another one came along that was too good to turn away.

Research firm, System1, took the time to rank the 10 most emotionally engaging ads of 2017. We’re not exactly sure how they rank ads on an emotional scale, but we’ve gotta hand it to them, all 10 of these spots are amazing. We’d never even seen most of these, and we spend all day watching ads (please don’t tell our boss).

The number one spot, according to System1, goes to an ad from biscuit brand belVita (delicious, btw). It’s an ad that features an all-too-common situation—Monday morning commute on public transportation.

If we were in charge of ranking these ads, we’d rate the second-place ad as the best. It’s an ad for YKK Zippers, which at first we were all like, “An ad for a zipper? Nah.” But then we watched it and were like, “Dang, where can we buy some frickin’ zippers?!”

It’s Friday. You can procrastinate a little bit and watch all 10 right now. We won’t tell.


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