The Mystery Burger: Which Bun is in the Oven?  - Carney
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The Mystery Burger: Which Bun is in the Oven? 

Gotta hand it to BK for thinking outside the branded box in their latest promotion — the mystery burger. ::DUN DUN DUN::

Surprisingly, it’s not as scary as it sounds. Customers can get one of ten signature BK sandwiches (selected at random), which is served in an unbranded white box. Bringing a whole new meaning to “mystery meat,” amirite? 

The agency executive creative director, Georges Mohammed-Chérif, reveals an interesting mindset when discussing the promotion: “We have to give people an opportunity to discover Burger King’s products, but without hard selling or aggressive promotions that are not good for the brand.”

Never thought we’d see a fast-food operation operating like that.  


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