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The Official Guide to Unofficial Holiday Marketing

Marketers are always wondering when to celebrate holidays as a brand. It’s not a one size fits all situation. So let’s break it down to celebrate today’s holiday of love – Valentine’s Day.

Benefits to Holiday Marketing:

  • They keep you current
  • They’re sharable
  • They can showcase brand personality
  • They help you plan content all year

Reasons NOT to Do Holiday Marketing: 

  • If holidays don’t align with your brand, it’s worth your effort and it might confuse your audience.
  • Including or exluding holidays that might offend your customers (i.e. Columbus Day).
  • Too much holiday content might cannibalize your other promotions and campaigns.

How to Handle Holiday Marketing:

  1. Choose Your Holidays Carefully: As we mentioned in the “Reasons NOT to do Holiday Marketing,” is brands should only market holidays that align with their brand. Research the monthly, weekly, and daily observances you can celebrate for each month and decide what fits!
  2. Add Promotional Strategy to the Mix: See if you can interject your brand and services in a way that makes sense for a holiday or season.
  3. Get it Planned to Get it Done: Execute your content with planning via a calendar for all of your channels – paid advertising, organic social media, written blog posts, etc.

Check out the full guide by VirTasktic for more holiday planning tips and templates!


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