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The Power of a Consistent Creative Process

We get it, it’s hard to get your creativity on point. It’s not something that you can force, either. BUT a simple, consistent creative process goes a long way. When it comes to getting it done, a process that boosts productivity as well as creativity is key.

Digital Summit has a 40 min podcast explaining the power behind nailing down your creative process. Our biggest takeaway was how to get started on content ideas. Every journey starts with the first step, right? Well, step 1 is to break everything down to the basics and assess where to take them next.

There’s actually a nifty little formula for that: Content Ideas = The Focus + The Format

And what that means is you have to figure out the basics about what you will say (the focus) and how you will say it (the format). So how do you use this formula? Multiplication! Take 10 different focuses and think about them against 10 different formats. *Beep boop bop beep* You’re on your way to 100 ideas!

Asking the How’s and What’s and fleshing out what you find is a simple way to keep your ideas flowing. By doing this consistently, you can gain some better control of productivity. For all of the different formats and factors to look at in your process, check out the Digital Summit’s full article and podcast.


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