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The Power of Professional Email Signatures

A first impression is hard to shake. And while you can’t always control every detail of a first interaction, there’s a lot you can do to leave a positive imprint in someone’s mind. As an extension of your brand, every impression matters, and every detail makes a difference. Today, G2 is breaking down the power of professional email signatures.

Step 1: Include the crucial information in your signature 

What’s the purpose of the email you’re sending? Is it your initial outreach? A follow up perhaps? It’s good practice to provide multiple contact options, but keep it succinct and relevant to your email.

Step 2: Design your email signature to represent your brand in the best way

Arrange the elements in a structured and readable manner, starting with your name and job title, followed by contacts and important links. Follow your brand style guide and ensure your signature does your brand justice.

Step 3: Avoid common mistakes that prevent you from emphasizing important things

Consider the number of links in your signature. Too many might come off as spammy; keep it neat. If you’re a sucker for a good quote at the end of an email, just make sure the quote supports whatever action you want your reader to take.

Step 4: Create an HTML email signature for email clients

Popular email clients like Gmail, Microsoft Outlook, and Yahoo all allow you to create signatures within the client, so take advantage of this capability if you haven’t already.

Step 5: Try an email signature generator

Automation to the rescue! If you’re stuck or just need some fresh ideas, a generator is a great route. It may not knock it out of the park, but you may be only a few small tweaks away from what you need.

Keep reading for some examples that you can use to create or refine your email signature.


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