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The Power of “What If…”

Finding the right answers mean asking the right questions.

Sometimes that just means asking “what if x, y, or z” happened? Here’s how to start asking more strategic questions for your marketing:

  1. Identify key members of a group for brainstorming sessions.
  2. Create an initial list of What Ifs to bring to the table.
  3. Establish the criteria for prioritizing What If questions by organizing them by impact.
  4. Ask for more What If questions from the group.
  5. Establish action teams by dividing the group into smaller groups to tackle research and findings.
  6. Reconvene and decide which questions to pursue and formulate a strategy based on the options.
  7. Determine a plan and identify the implications of your choices and any constraints your organization will face.

So what is a winning strategy? That’s up to your brand to decide. But for a list of questions to get you started, check out the full post by Vision Edge Marketing.


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