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The Present and Future of Marketing, Growth, and Email

We got some news for you today. Forget about the traditional marketing funnel. It’s broken and it never really existed in the first place. The buying process isn’t linear for any industry. Just because someone is in the “consideration stage” doesn’t mean that two more whitepapers are going to push them into the decision stage. It just doesn’t work like that.

That’s the theme of the podcast we’re featuring today. It’s from Drift, a company known for having a different approach to marketing. At face value, their marketing looks similar to a lot of others—they do content marketing. When you dig in, though, you’ll see that they do have a drastically different approach, and—it’s working.

We’ll let their VP of Growth, Guillaume Cabane, take it from here.

  • (2:00) Marketers haven’t broken the tools we use, we’ve broken the relationship.
  • (3:12) Guillaume’s principles of marketing: Do I know the target audience’s intent? Are they the right fit for my product? Am I sending the right message? And, am I doing it on the right channel?
  • (6:36) A marketer’s job should not be to decrease the cost of acquisition because that leads to an awful experience. A marketer’s job should be to enhance the customer and prospect’s experience.
  • (7:04) Sad fact: The average conversion rate on a cold marketing email is roughly the same as the average conversion rate on a phishing scam. Be better than scammers.
  • (8:49) Always ask: what value are you providing in every interaction you have with customers?
  • (9:59) How to do content promotion in a non-spammy way.
  • (13:30) The method of visitors coming to a website, filling out a form, and then you following up with them is a bad experience. That’s like if someone walked into your physical store, you told them to leave, and you sent them a postcard the next day.
  • (16:28) Forget the marketing funnel. It teaches you that there is a linear process to buying. There isn’t.

Still 10 more minutes in this one.


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