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The Pros and Cons of Video

Videos rock. It’s why we put one in the Carnage every day. Creating video for your company, though, is a whole new ball game.

We’re betting you’ve considered creating videos for your company. You can’t really just dip your toes in to test it out, though. You gotta go full bore. In today’s Watch, Tara Hunt (she dominates video) dives into the pros and cons of creating videos for your business.

Here we go:

  • Con 1: There’s a higher barrier to entry than other platforms.
  • Con 2: Video production costs more than other content production.
  • Con 3: Generally younger audiences. This can be a con, but if your audience is younger, this is also a pro.
  • Pro 1: That high barrier to entry means your competition can’t catch up as quickly.
  • Pro 2: Video is the most engaging form of content.
  • Pro 3: SEO benefits of video. YouTube is owned by Google. Google likes promoting its own products.
  • Pro 4: Personal growth. Video will help you get better at a bunch of things like public speaking, clarifying your message, etc.

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