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The Social Media Strategy for a $21.5 Billion Company

If you could learn about paid social media strategies from a guy who manages a Facebook account with 275k followers and a LinkedIn with 154k followers, would you listen? Duh, of course.

Good news, that’s what we’ve got for you today. SocialPros interviewed Jason Schober, the Social Media Campaign Manager at US Bank…wait, a bank? Okay, but before you say “snooze,” it gets good. Jason has a ton of advice for anyone who uses social media for their business!

The fun starts at 2:50…

  • (4:13) Like most of us, US Bank uses social media for building their brand, and they build their strategy around awareness.
  • (8:34) US Bank develops different creative for each social media platform. They don’t stretch one campaign across all platforms (that’s a tip you can…take to the bank (nailed it)).
  • (10:07) How US Bank measures the effectiveness of their social campaigns.
  • (14:20) What Jason’s team puts in their report that goes all the way up to their C-level executives.
  • (21:10) Your company has to excel at social listening to build and maintain customer loyalty, but that’s a difficult thing to do considering happy customers tend to be the quietest.
  • (24:15) US Bank Stadium is going to be the site for Superbowl 52. Jason outlines the steps his team is taking to take advantage of all the chatter around that.
  • (36:03) US Bank’s social-first campaign, Tour Possible, put the brand second. They focused on a community campaign that wasn’t directly tied to US Bank. It was hugely successful for them.
  • (46:20) Jason’s one tip for anyone looking to advance their marketing career is ABL: always be learning. Never let yourself sit back and think you know everything.

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