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The State of Social 2018 Report

Who doesn’t love a good research report? Give us all the facts, all the figures, and all the numbers. Data overload just doesn’t exist in our book. Okay, that’s not true at all. You can truly get to a point where you have too much data.

But, today’s Read has just the right amount of data. Buffer pulled together all the best data they could find about social media in 2018 and packed it into one seriously dense report.

This thing is hefty, but we’ve got the key points right here, as always:

  • There are huge opportunities in the messaging space. Only 20% of marketers have invested time or money in marketing through Facebook Messenger and similar platforms. That presents a big opportunity for you because that means these platforms aren’t overrun with bad marketing from bad brands.
  • Companies who invest in social media ads see much greater value in social media than those who don’t. If your company isn’t fully bought into social media, maybe you should start with ads, instead of starting only with organic posting.
  • Engagement is the #1 way to measure ROI from social media advertising. Companies are realizing that social media is better at helping to build your brand than directly making sales.
  • Facebook is still the most-used platform for marketers. Followed by Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and YouTube. Wanna guess the percentage of marketers using Snapchat? It’s just 11%.
  • Video is a top priority for 85% of marketers. That’s not surprising at all, but that means Facebook might soon be overrun with video.
  • 94% of marketers have used Facebook ads. On the flip side, only 26% have used LinkedIn and only 10% have used YouTube. Sounds like there’s less competition on those platforms if you’re looking for something new.
  • Only 31% of Marketers have used live video. That presents a massive opportunity, especially with Facebook saying that live video is going to be important in their new News Feed.

There are still about a bajillion other stats we couldn’t pack in here.


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