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The State of Social 2022 (eBook)

Mention has recently hosted their annual summit: The State of Social, where they gathered 12 experts to go into depth on what the future holds for social media marketing in 2022. We wanted to share the insights!

Here are some of the top highlights we got from the 2-day digital conference:

  • Quintly’s exclusive research showed that adding #fyp and #foryoupage hashtags on TikTok doesn’t actually do anything for your engagement. So, in 2022, we’ll not be using those.
  • Despite the bad rep, influencer marketing is on the rise – and will continue to be. The influencer marketing experts recommend taking a casual dating approach to your influencer marketing activity: no commitments, play the field with multiple microinfluencers and don’t be stingy with your budget!
  • With the right content, you can repurpose it for months, even years on your social media to ensure your feeds never run dry.
  • The line between getting political on social media has never been thinner. Rather than go all out in support of political causes, brands have to tread the line carefully – but staying silent is no longer an option either.
  • Studies show brands will play a considerable role in connecting consumers with like-minded & different people on social media. Using a full-cycle social listening approach will be paramount to our audience engagement strategies.

It’s not too late to soak in the expert guidance! Mention has compiled all of the recordings for the event plus an ebook summarising the key takeaways. Has Christmas come early? For you yes. So cop the full book of goodies here.


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