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The Top Tools for Marketing Research

Conducting your own market research is a great way to determine what customers are looking for, industry trends, and new ways your product can fill gaps. Thanks to the internet…research can be backed by a wider net and is super accessible to the average person.

ToolsRush put together a list of over 25 easy-to-use (and mostly free) research tools out there! We can’t fit them all, but we wanted to list some of our favorites from each category.

Statistics: Pew Research Center for its reliable demographic information and industry statuses

Content Research: Feedly because it aggregates and tracks internet content into one place

Survey Tools: Typeform for its beautiful surveys and an amazing dashboard to analyze responses

Social Insights: Make My Persona for, as the name suggests, easy consumer persona generating

Research Automation: Zapier for the full-scale workflow automation and all its integrations

Ready to get your own research show on the road? When it comes to research, it helps to have a plan. Keep a few questions in mind before you get started:

  • What are you trying to find out?
  • What kind of information is available?
  • Where do you get the data from and how reliable is it?

Check out the full ToolsRush list to see what resources you could use for marketing research.


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