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The Trifecta of Keyword Research

To craft a successful keyword strategy, carefully consider these three data points: 

  1. Volume. This is the number of times a keyword is searched for in a specific time frame. High volume keywords can attract significant organic traffic, but you’ll want to balance them out with other niche, low-volume keywords that have less competition.
  2. Difficulty. This measures how challenging it is to rank for a keyword based on factors like competition, SERP features, etc. Aim to stay within 10 points of your current domain authority.
  3. Intent. This is the art of SEO—identifying the purpose behind a search query. Intent can be…
    • Informational: Seeking answers and solutions.
    • Navigational: Seeking a specific website or brand.
    • Commercial: Seeking product comparisons, reviews, and pricing in order to consider a purchase.
    • Transactional: Seeking to make a purchase.

Check out best practices for each data point at Search Engine Land.


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