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The Ultimate, 80+ Things Website Launch Checklist

What’s poppin’ with your website? There is a lot of work hat goes into a well-designed, secure, solidly built website. There are the essentials, and then there are the little details in between. It can be easy to miss something.

Luckily, HubSpot put together a big ol’ list of things to check before, during, and after your website launch. So even if you have an established website already, you can still use this a guide to see if it is following all the best practices out there.

Now we can’t fit all of the checklist here, so we wanted to go through some of our favorites that often get overlooked when making websites:

  • Choose your CMS wisely. There are some options out there, but always make sure your CMS can organize your content, schedule it, and be optimized for SEO in a way that your team can manage.
  • Strategize your conversion paths. A website is an essential (usually the most essential) part to feeding your funnel. You’ll need to figure out exactly what actions you want users to take or how you’ll capture their information for your sales team.
  • Make sure it’s all trackable. You don’t want your website to be left in the dark. Tracking is how you will figure out things are working, so you’ll need analytic software.
  • Test it again! User experience and content are never to be set in stone. A/B post-launch and periodically to make sure you’re fine-tuning your site’s pages.
  • Compliance in all the right places. This can include being accessible for users with disabilities (WAI-ARIA), announcing if the website uses cookies, having the right usage rights, have terms and privacy policies visible to website visitors, and PCI compliance.

Check the full HubSpot list for all of the dirty deets to check out for your website.


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