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The Value Of ‘Deep Work’ In An Age Of Distraction

One of the most important skills for any marketer, or really anyone who uses their brain for their job, is the ability to focus on one task at a time. You probably already know that multitasking isn’t actually a helpful way to get sh*t done. But, we have bad news, even if you think you’re focusing on one task, you’re probably still multitasking.

Do you still have your email open while writing that new blog post? Or, what about your phone? Is that near your desk so that you hear notifications? If either of those are true, then you aren’t actually single-tasking, and you’re likely less productive than you could be.

Today’s Listen from NPR, interviews a guy who’s an expert at blocking out distractions and being ultra-productive, using something called “deep work.” Cal Newport is going to help you learn how to use deep work to be more creative and efficient at work. It’s going to take a few changes to your routine, but it’s so worth it.

Just a few show notes here to pique your interest, but you really gotta listen to the full episode.

  • (2:49) The habits of highly influential people that allow them to do deep work.
  • (4:28) Even if you think you’re single-tasking, you’re still likely multi-tasking.
  • (11:39) People who engage in deep work are actually happier than those who are constantly distracted.
  • (16:00) Not good at deep work? You can practice it to get better.
  • (17:57) How Cal structures his day to avoid distraction.
  • (24:58) What to do if your manager or supervisor thinks deep work is a bunch of BS.

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