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The Website Accessibility Checklist

Not to toot our own horn (toot), but we know a thing or two about making accessibility a priority, not an afterthought, for websites. We get it! A lot goes into making a website beautiful and functional.

Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) has a full checklist of 50 criteria. To help you out with some of the major conformance features of websites, here is a checklist:

  • Back Away from Blinking: Flickering, flashing, or quickly alternating content can trigger seizures for people with epilepsy. If you are going to have shifting content, slow it down.
  • Color Contrast: Sometimes people can only read the text if there’s a strong enough contrast between the text and the background colors (psst, check out today’s Tool to help with that).
  • Alternative Text for Images: Screen readers help to relay what’s on a web page, but they can only use the information at hand. If your descriptive alt-text isn’t accurate, a screen reader is going to relay that.
  • Caption Your Content: People who can’t hear won’t know what’s being said in a video unless it’s captioned or transcribed.
  • Resizable Text: Most websites are all about trying to be responsive, but also keep resizable text in mind for people with low vision. Avoid a lot of images with overlaid text.
  • Keyboard Navigation: Unique scrolling can be interactive, but not everyone is using a mouse or mobile device the same way. Arrow keys or assistive technology should also be able to navigate your site.
  • Page Titles: Pages should have unique titles that are brief but descriptive for screen readers and SEO best practices. Two birds one stone!

Check out Essential Accessibility’s post for more details on website features that make your website accessible to those with disabilities.


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