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Think Inside the Box

Uber’s putting the car in cardboard (Ohhhhhhh) with their latest minute-long ad. Lol wait, another ad about boxes? Yeah, we’re killin’ it.

But these boxes are representing a huge issue—traffic jams that plague Asian cities.

So Uber took to the streets to stress the importance of ridesharing, with the tagline: Let’s create better cities. Let’s ride together.

The spot is based on research commissioned by Uber, which found that “drivers in nine of Asia’s biggest cities are stuck in traffic jams for 52 minutes every day and spend 26 more minutes looking for parking.” Hard pass.

In the spot, you see drivers and pedestrians alike battling with boxes-turned cars, trying to navigate through the swarms of “vehicles.” Roadways are inundated by cardboard and, despite its light-hearted delivery (the soundtrack is “Bare Necessities” from The Jungle Book), you can sense the chaos. Maybe you even flash back to your own hellish commute this morning.


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