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4 Steps to Improve Your Email Deliverability

We’ve got a love/hate relationship with email deliverability. It keeps us up at night, but it also keeps us motivated during the day. Colin Darretta, founder of incentive-based referral program Dojo Mojo, breaks down 6 maintenance methods to keep your email list fresh and clean, which will improve deliverability.

Here are the four areas you should go all in on:

Trim the Fat. Going to the gym sucks but it’s so worth it when you can post those gym mirror pics…

What we’re saying is that shedding subscribers who haven’t engaged doesn’t feel good when you do it. But when you improve your deliverability through a higher open rate, it starts to pay off.

Oh, and don’t straight up delete them. Download the segment of unengaged subscribers and put them in a separate list to try and re-engage them later.

Look Fresh Everywhere You Go. You know those people that only have one nice outfit for funerals and weddings and look a mess on every other occasion? Yeah, don’t be that person.

Make sure your email looks good in everyone’s inbox despite the email server and device they are viewing it on.

Scrub it Clean. Are you writing in a Word doc and then copying/pasting into MailChimp? Stop it. For real. Stop it. When you do that, you automatically pull in useless lines of unseen code. These little pieces of code might never be noticed by you, but email clients read them, and might flag your email as spam. That ain’t good.

Rekindle the Romance. Back to those stagnant emails that you’ve got tucked away for a rainy day. This is where you need to get creative. Remember: You didn’t impress them on the first date. If you’re gonna rekindle the fire, you need to do something more original than roses and chocolates.

Think outside of the inbox for this one. What can you give them that is so valuable they can’t resist?

Really Good Emails provides a slew of killer examples for both retention and reactivation campaigns. Grammarly’s “Wrinkle in Time” re-engagement campaign is one of our fav’s.


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