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Thinking Of A Logo Redesign? This Is How To Do It

Your logo is a big part of your brand’s identity and well, branding. While it’s not the full picture, your logo is one of the first impressions and chance at storytelling visually. But when is it time to revisit your logo’s design? And that’s a pretty big leap to take…how do you go about it?

It might be time for a redesign when…

  • Your business services have grown or evolved.
  • You want to target new audiences
  • You have a dated design.

Now, if you have a well-established brand, you don’t want to lose that identity and brand equity of your existing logo. Logo design is delicate business for something so bold.

Things to consider for your logo redesign:

  1. Gauge your audience’s attachment first.  Like we said, your existing identity might already be doing the most. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, but make sure you do have the audience attachment needed to keep a logo as is.
  2. Redesign or refresh? Make sure you know what elements of your existing logo are essential to your brand. You don’t have to change everything, maybe you just need to refine them (think of all the “ironed out” logos of the 2000s that simply updated their text treatments).
  3. Market TF out of it. If you are making a major change to part of your brand, make it known! Explain the design, get it transitioned into your marketing, and celebrate it. Obviously, if the changes are subtle you shouldn’t promote your logo the same way. BUT we can’t stress enough that you need to communicate it internally and update your branded assets., a logo generator and design inspiration resource, has the full scoop of examples (and mistakes) in their blog post.


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