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& This Li’l Piggy Went to the Bank

They say money talks, but in today’s Watch, it oinks.

Santander, a Spanish bank, weaves a charming tale (and corkscrew tail) in its latest ad promoting the bank’s Boston-based U.S. arm. The campaign aims to illustrate how the bank looks after and respects your funds, using a piggy bank as the timeless metaphor for money. Except, in this delightfully-soundtracked spot, the piggy bank is an actual, adorable piglet.

In the ad, you see the little piglet separated from its owners, facing the perils of city streets and eventually ::gasp:: smashed to pieces by a group of boys who want his piggy-bank-bounty.

But don’t worry, before too much danger ensues, the little pig is saved by a Santander employee who puts him back together, cares for him, and returns him to the family who owns him. Yeah, the metaphor is strong in this one. So are the warm and fuzzies.


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