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TikTok Tactics: Your Quick Guide to Advertising on TikTok

We watched TikTok’s courses so you don’t have to! (But you still should because they’re super helpful and quick.)

TikTok’s guide to their advertising and analytics dashboard is five short videos, only 1-3 minutes long. Here are the takeaways of each one:


  • TikTok starts by explaining that their platform is self-serving but will help marketers “level up” through campaigns.
  • Level 3 in each tactic is going to unlock the most features.

Tactic 1: Attribution (web + app)

  • Beginners can get conversion tracking without a development team.
  • Pixel developer mode includes event post-backs to enhance your algorithm experience. But this requires some more complex setup on the backend.
  • To enable the best possible attribution and sharing, learn about TikTok’s full advanced matching + events API.

Tactic 2: Targeting, Bidding, & Optimization

  • Each part of this tactic depends on the other. So instead of direct “levels,” targeting, bidding, and optimization act more like dominos in a circle.
  • To get started, you’ll need to learn more about TikTok’s ad targeting.

Tactic 3: Catalog

  • TikTok’s tools can help you create multiple, efficient automatic ads that reach the best audience.
  • This type of ad tactic through TikTok works best with brands that have large product selections.

Tactic 4: Creative

  • TikTok rewards innovative, fresh, and frequent content. “Ditch tradition and embrace authenticity.”
  • They encourage the reuse of branded content in different ways to test out audiences before using TikTok Spark Ads as direct ad options.
  • In Level 3, you’d have access to TikTok’s vast and growing partner system.

Check out TikTok’s full guide for all the educational tidbits at your fingertips before you get started with your TikTok campaigns.


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