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TikTok’s Web Auction Best Practices

TikTok has provided best practices for web auction campaigns. Let’s take a look at recommendations related to creative:

Creative Diversity

  • Use at least 3-5 unique creative assets per Ad Group

Creative Quality

  • Videos should not be below 720p
  • Ensure your videos have audio/sound
  • Videos should be longer than 5 seconds, ideally 21-34 seconds

Creative Optimization

  • Use diversified Ad Groups to compare performance of different creative styles
  • Partner with TikTok creators using the TikTok Creator Marketplace
  • Use CapCut to edit your videos
  • Find third-party creative agencies to help on TikTok Creative Exchange

Ad Fatigue

  • Refresh creative when experiencing fatigue and/or adjust your targeting, bidding, and budget strategies
  • To identify ad fatigue, use “Fatigue Index” that measures day-to-day changes in CPA, reach rate, and performance.

Check out the full resource PDF from TikTok.


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