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Time Blocking 101 & Taking Ownership of Your Time

We are wildly distracted right now. How can we focus on metrics and content when pets, kids, chores, and the beautiful outdoors are calling our name. Shifting to remote work is tough

Woven is teaching us to better manage our day by time blocking. Here’s the starter guide on how to take control of your time. 

  • Make Your Priorities. Take control of your day before someone else does. The core piece to time blocking is to set aside the things that matter most to you. Then proactively make time for them in your schedule the week beforehand.
  • Use Templates for Everything. Need to block out time to focus on content? What about an hour of fitness? Make a list of priorities then use smart templates to maximize your day. Plus, Woven has templates available to add complex information to your priorities quickly. 
  • Protect Your Time with Public Link Availability Settings. Once you’ve prioritized your own time, you can start carving out times of your day to share with other people. Just because you’re free, doesn’t mean you’re free for anyone. If you set up and customize your availability based on the type of meetings, you can better show up for those events.
  • Review Your Time. One of the critical components of time blocking is regularly reviewing your time to make sure you’re spending it in the way that you want to. 

Click through for specific time blocking tips from our favorite scheduling expert. Plus, continuing scrolling down for a peek at Woven’s new tool suite that will make you a time master!


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