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Creating a Time Boxed Calendar with Nir Eyal

Ever have those days where you just run out of time? You wrote out a to-do list, stayed fairly productive, yet somehow the day still got away from you? Same fam, same.

The time-boxed calendar is coming to your rescue. This handy practice is about being intentional with your day and focuses on the person you want to become. Showcased by Woven, Nir Eyal outlines exactly how to do this in his book, Indistractable.

Let’s take a closer look at 3 life domains – you, your relationships, and your work.


If we had to guess, your calendar is filled with meetings, right? Yeah, we’re guilty of it too. But this isn’t an efficient way of managing your time. Don’t allow scrap time to become you-time. Prioritize yourself, first.

How do we put this into action? First, run an internal check of what it means to take care of yourself.

  • What’s an accomplished workday? – at least half of your to-do list gets checked off.
  • What makes you feel energized? – working on creative projects, morning coffee, time with family.
  • Do you fall victim to a midday slump? – take a break with exercise or meditation.

See what we’re getting at? Listen to your body to help you map out a successful day and actually make time for it in your calendar.

Your Relationships

Your calendar shouldn’t solely reflect work tasks. Instead, make time for the people closest to you. Enjoy dinner with your family or go out for game night with friends. Stay close to your loved ones by setting time aside for them regularly.

Your Work

We’re not suggesting to totally push work aside. This whole idea is about making you more productive during work. Ask yourself – what do you need to do to be creative, lead your team, and even, simply answer emails? Plan it out in your calendar.

Smash the button! In 3-minutes, you’ll see what it takes to make a time-boxed calendar.


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