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Tips for First-Time Paid Advertisers

If you’re new to paid advertising, the journey can seem daunting. Even if you’re fairly versed, it can be a hard beast to slay. I wonder if Neil Patel ever feels this way… probably not since like 2005. He’s such a dragon slayer (yes, we’re still referencing Game of Thrones) in the marketing world, you can find him on many marketing blogs and podcasts.

So, we’ll trust him when he says he has tips for first-time paid advertisers. 

Neil and his co-host, Eric Su ,take just 7 minutes to hit key points, such as how to be cost efficient in paid ads and why it is essential in a couple paid courses on Adwords.  

  • (0:46) The advice that representatives at Facebook, Google, and Bing give isn’t always good. In fact, a lot of the time it sucks. They just want your money, honey. 
  • (1:14) When you’re starting off, don’t spend a lot.
  • (1:20) Google “Adwords free credit” to find free credits that are worth a couple hundred bucks. Take advantage of that! 
  • (1:37) Utilize courses like Brad Geddes’ Advance Guide to Google AdWords or AdWords Fundamental. 
  • (1:59) DigitalMarketer also has courses. 
  • (2:28) It is super beneficial to invest in paid courses and platforms like Skillshare. If you’re going to spend money, learn how to spend it! 
  • (02:58) Use specific, action-based keywords when setting up an ad campaign. 
  • (04:02) Retarget people who have visited your sites.
  • (04:50) Paid ads are expensive and won’t be profitable at first. Unless your conversions are fined-tuned. Make sure you have a funnel that offers both upsells and downsells.
  • (5:19) Look to other channels that are up and moving, like Quora ads

Moral of the story? Learn before you implement. Hey, that’s why we’re here.

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