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Tips from a Pro Copywriter

The Digital Marketing Institute had copywriting expert Kate Toon on their “Ahead of the Game” podcast to discuss everything on good copy. We broke down the takeaways from the discussion so you can start cranking out your best copy and content (and yes, they discuss the difference between the two).

  • 1:45 Copywriting’s Place in the Marketing Funnel: So at its core, copywriting is about persuasion, and persuasion involves relationship building. Copywriting really is at every stage that involves trust and CTA’s (and “micro-copy”), but it’s definitely essential to customer consideration.
  • 10:00 That Tricky Tone of Voice: Think of what you stand for, and what you don’t. Now take that and think about how you want those values to be talked about, and literally write it down. Then break it down into smaller pieces. The big thing to know is that Tone of Voice documents are living, breathing, and not set in stone.
  • 35:30 Tips for Hiring Copywriters: For the business owners and agencies out there needing writers, this is for you. Be clear in briefs on deliverables, but more importantly the “why” behind those deliverables. Stalk the work! Get examples from a writer, but also get the briefs behind them to see if they understood the assignment.
  • 40:15 Five Things to Improve Your Copywriting: 1) Don’t get stuck in formal writing. 2) Talk it out, write it all down, and read it back. 3) Try turning your “we’s” into “you’s.” 4) Kate loves the Hemingway app to take a pulse on your writing. 5) Push the fun boundaries and don’t let mistakes get you down.

Check out Digital Marketing Institute’s full 45-minute podcast for more writing tools and industry tips.


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