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Tools and Best Practices for A/B Testing Your Ad Copy

“If you build it, he will come.” Originally a quote about building a baseball diamond in a cornfield, it has morphed into a general mantra about attracting people with some sort of creation. It does make us wonder – if Kevin Costner built his baseball diamond in a poppin’ location, might he have attracted some more ghosts of baseball greats? All we’re saying is a cornfield is great and all, but why not test a few other places as well?

Testing brings out great results. That’s why AdEspresso is covering the best practices for A/B testing your ad copy.

  1. A/B copy needs time & money to work. Sometimes you need to fire off an ad immediately, and that’s okay here and there. However, it’s always best to allow a couple of weeks so you can adequately test your ad and determine which combination of copy, creative, and delivery option works best. If you can afford the time and have the funds to test, you’ll maintain a better Return on Ad Spend with your optimized version.
  2. Do you know your power words? Leonardo di Caprio’s name on a movie poster is sure to sell tickets. While you may not have an upcoming collab with the veteran A-lister, certain words used correctly in your ad can have the same effect. Words like “easy”, “effective”, “free”, “guarantee”, and many others make your copy more compelling.
  3. Numbers excite people in many different ways. This isn’t so much about slashing your prices as it is about presenting your prices in an optimal way. Your audience might respond better to “Save 40%” than they will to “$60.” Think about the different ways you can present your price, then test them.
  4. We all love a good story. Stories resonate with people. It’s why we all love them so much. Use them to your advantage in your ad copy and make the reader the focus of the story to ensure it hits home.

Just a few more tips left in this article, so don’t miss them!


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