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Top Facebook and Instagram Updates During June

It’s our job to on top of the new and improved within the marketing world. That alone can make your head spin as changes are happening constantly.

AdEspresso is helping us out with the top updates for both Facebook and Instagram. Let’s get started!

Here’s what happened with Facebook:

  • Have you heard of CCPA? Back in January, the California Consumer Privacy Act went into effect giving CA residents control over their personal info. Fast forward to today, and Facebook is responding with the Limited Data Use feature to help and support businesses to manage the new law.
  • Three actions Facebook took to advance racial justice include 1) proactively improve policies, products, and programs to detect, handle, and/or remove violating content. 2) Invest in the Black community by committing an additional $200 million to Black-owned businesses, creators, and organizations this year. 3) The creation of Lift Black Voices, a “new destination” meant to amplify voices, share resources, and fundraising.
  • Commerce shift will eventually be available for Facebook businesses as it’s already on the move within Instagram. This means eligible businesses or creators with at least one product will be able to use shopping features and tags.

Let’s see what the hubbub is over on Instagram:

  • Instagram wants to support creators using their IGTV platform and that’s where Paid Badges come into play. This new feature is still in beta testing. Currently, IG users are able to show their love during Lives using likes, comments, or donations. The badge feature is meant to bring a new level of support.
  • Make way, ads are coming to IGTV. Mobile-friendly, 15-second video ads will pop up when users click to watch someone’s IGTV videos from the video’s preview in their Instagram feed.

We couldn’t cover all the details, so head over to AdEspresso. And take a pencil!


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