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Top Tips for Your Social Media Ideation & Research

For many marketers, coming up with ideas for social media is the hardest part — even more challenging than creating the content itself. 

But the good news is that you can make it easier. Keeping your social media fun, fresh, and engaging doesn’t need to feel like you’re running on a hamster wheel of creativity all the time.

Mention has shared a few tips for content ideation and research, from its latest ebook “Streamline Your Social Media Management”:

  • Content buckets: Make your life easier by choosing 2-3 recurring categories for your content to fall into.
  • Content curation: Not all your content needs to be cooked up from scratch! Don’t be afraid to share and repost trending memes, or great posts from your audience.
  • Ask your audience for ideas: Not sure what to post? Just ask! It may sound simplistic, but just asking your followers what they’d like to see can yield valuable information.
  • Check out the competition: Your peers are still a great place to get fresh ideas, and see what your audience loves!
  • Keep up with trends: Whether it’s a new meme format or a fun TikTok audio, having fun with social media trends is a win-win.

For more tips and tricks, as well as advice on tools that can help you to Streamline Your Social Media Management, check out Mention’s free guide.


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